Eskoa Nutrition

We are a health & wellness company dedicated to improving the lives of our customers by supplying natural, organic and premium quality nutrition products.

Our Pea and Rice protein powders are created with the world's best organic plant proteins sources and flavoured using real organic wholefoods. Our products are a great support for your journey to a happy healthy lifestyle.

• Great natural protein source

• Organic protein powders can help with general vitality, wellness and weight management

• Organic plant protein sources combined with natural wholefoods

• Vegan friendly and suitable for vegetarians

• Gluten free, sugar free, all natural , no additives or preservatives

• Plant based proteins are a great alternative

You won't find any ingredients that provide no nutritional value in our organic protein blends, all natural, no additives or preservatives. We have crafted a range of organic protein blends that deliver on performance and taste. For those seeking a clean functional organic protein powder this is a winner.

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Natural Organic Superfoods
Nothing Artificial

Meet Our Founder

Nigel Finegan – Founder  – Eskoa Nutrition

Meet the Founder of Eskoa Nutrition. Nigel is an avid golfer for many years. His desire to eat well and live well was a key driver in setting up Eskoa Nutrition and provide a range of organic protein powder blends.

Over the years Nigel found it difficult to find high quality superfoods and organic protein powder blends that didn’t contain artificial additives or fillers. His belief that great nutrition and wellness is an every day process and the core philosophy of nutrition lifestyle.

Two years of rigorous research & development led Nigel to founding Eskoa Nutrition. Eskoa a brand that resonates with real meaning you are courage, “ES” being latin for “you are” and “KOA” meaning “Courage” in hawaiian.

Sourcing the highest quality natural ingredients and creating world leading formulations was a core value of Eskoa. The brand is amongst the best quality blends in the market today. Nigel’s dedication to create a natural product range is evident. Read the back of any of the product labels and you will see nothing artificial. Pure organic wholefood goodness.

We hope you enjoy our products on your journey.

Best Wishes