Our Ingredients
Natural | Organic | Superfood Goodness

We have crafted some of the finest and nutritious protein blends in the market. It has taken us two years to source the highest quality ingredients.

We have audited several suppliers and tasted hundreds of ingredients before finalising our suppliers.

We believe in delivering only the highest quality products. Which is why you will never find any nasties, fillers or artificial colours or flavours in our organic protein powder blends.

Our Pea and Rice organic protein powder are sourced from the world's best organic suppliers and flavoured using real wholefoods.

We have created a family of organic protein powder blends that deliver on performance and taste. For those seeking a clean functional plant protein this is a winner.

Our products are a great support for your journey to a happy healthy lifestyle.

Natural & Organic
Nothing Artificial | No Fillers
Natural Organic Superfoods
Clean Label Products - No artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colours or flavours

Ingredients Audit

All our ingredients go through an extensive testing process prior to entering our facility. This ensures that the ingredients we sourced on day 1 – conform to the same specification and quality standard as they do entering our products.

We ensure the highest quality raw materials are used in our organic protein powder blends. Our auditing process determines traceability and ingredients are suitable for production.