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Eskoa Nutrition Organic Hemp Protein Powder is an exciting new product that is tailored for the needs of consumers who seek a natural, clean, tasteful and functional hemp protein product.



Eskoa Nutrition organic hemp protein powder is an exciting new product that is tailored to the needs of consumers who seek a natural, clean, great tasting and functional hemp protein product.

Our organic hemp protein powder, in natural & flavoured blends is super rich source of vitamins and minerals. A natural protein with iron, zinc, omega-3 and protein. Hemp protein powder is a complete protein source. Containing all essential amino acids, hemp protein helps repair body muscle and tissue.


As a plant based protein and alternative to soy, gluten, egg and dairy, hemp powder supplies the body with sufficient protein and is also hypoallergenic.


Tastes great mixed with almond or cashew milk or added to your favourite recipes to increase daily protein intake. Fancy a protein packed breakfast? Try adding a spoonful of our Hemp Protein to porridge for a delicious protein packed breakfast.

Helps in general wellbeing and vitality and aids in building lean muscle. Organic hemp protein powder also contains fibre and healthy fats.

We have developed two great tasting flavours, natural vanilla and Cacao & Coconut. Also available as natural unflavoured.

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Vanilla, Cacao & Coconut, Unflavoured