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Eskoa Nutrition Organic Pea Protein Powder is an exciting new product that is tailored for the needs of consumers who seek a clean, tasteful and functional pea protein powder. Our Cacao & Chocolate picked up an award at Nourish 2019



Eskoa Nutrition organic pea protein powder is an exciting new product. Tailored for the needs of consumers. Who seek a clean, tasteful and functional pea protein powder.

Our pea protein has over 80% protein content. Natural and flavoured blends make this one of the most versatile organic powders in our range.

As a plant based protein and alternative to soy, gluten, egg and dairy. Eskoa pea protein powder supplies the body with sufficient protein and is also hypoallergenic.

Great for a post work out drink with almond or cashew milk. Helps in general wellbeing and vitality and aids in building lean muscle.


It can be used as a protein boost, making a smoothie or added to food dishes. Pea Protein has a rich amino acid profile as well as being a great source of zinc and iron.


Our blends are vegan friendly contain no refined sugars or added fillers, all natural , no additives or preservatives. And are a great natural and alternative protein source.


Available in natural and three great flavours, vanilla, cacao & coconut and cacao & chocolate.


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Vanilla, Cacao & Coconut, Cacao & Chocolate, Unflavoured